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Air Separation Plants

A vertical M.S enclosure of Column shape for liquefaction and partial distillation of air. This unit consists of lower and upper column with a condenser between, Heat Exchangers, Inter-Connected Pipe Lines fabricated out of copper and brass, housed in a steel box, duly insulated with Powder Perlite and fitted with Expansion Valves, Temperature Sensors and Liquid Level Indicator, Pressure Gauges and Electric Heater for defrosting, Safety Relief Valves for Top Column and Bottom Column and reboiler. We are the best Air Separation Plant Manufacturers to India from many overseas countries.

Cryogenic Air Separation Plant   Industrial Air Separation Plants
Bhartiya Air Separation Unit Bhartiya Air Separation Unit
Cryogenic Air Separation Plants
Bhartiya Air Separation Plants

Bhartiya group india is the manufacturer and supplier of Air Separation Plants from India to various part of the world. The process of Air separation plant is to separate oxygen, nitrogen and other gases.

Air Separation Plants Manufacturing Process

Here we explains how Air Separation Plant Works

  • Feed air is sucked into the air filter from the atmosphere.
  • Then Air get purified by various process.
  • The purified air is divided in to two parts.
  • One enters main heat exchanger and other to hypo thermal air.
  • Then Air Gets Cooled before enters oxygen distillation column.
  • From Oxygen Distillation Column, Air enters turbine for expansion and refrigeration.
  • It is also used as regenerated air of Molecular sieve adsorption unit

Watch Video about Air Separation Plant Process