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Liquid Oxygen Plants Manufacturers India

We are manufacturing and supplying cryogenic liquid oxygen/nitrogen plants in as a product mix mode. You can get from 30% upto 100% Liquid oxygen/nitrogen out put. The output of liquid oxygen/nitrogen is stored in a liquid oxygen tank. We are the leading manufacturers of Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen Plants from India to all countries in the world.

Liquid Oxygen Plants India
  Liquid Oxygen Plants Technical Specifications
Model Capacity Purity Power Connected Power Consumed Power Supply Working Pressure Air Capacity Areas required Assembly HeightWeight Weight
Oxygen Nitrogen Oxygen Nitrogen
BO-50L 50Ltrs/hr 200m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9% 125KW 90KW 415 Volts 100kg/cm2 300m3/hr 8Mx12M 7.5Meters 19Tons
BO-100L 100Ltrs/hr 300m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9% 250KW 150KW 415 Volts 95kg/cm2 600m3/hr 14Mx15M 9.5Meters 30Tons
BO-200L 200Ltrs/hr 800m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9% 400KW 280KW 415 Volts 90kg/cm2 1200m3/hr 14Mx15M 9.5Meters 50Tons
BO-300L 300Ltrs/hr 1200m3/hr 99.6% 96%-99.9% 500KW 400KW 415 Volts 90kg/cm2 1800m3/hr 14Mx15M 9.5Meters 60Tons
BO-500L 500Ltrs/hr 2000m3.hr 99.6% 96%-99.9% 950KW 700KW 415 Volts 90kg/cm2 3000m3/hr 14Mx15M 10Meters 80Tons

 The output of liquid oxygen can be stored in a liquid oxygen tank. Liquid Nitrogen can be available as a by product simultaneously  upto 99.999% (PPM GRADE) purity. The liquid oxygen plant is extremely versatile and all the possible product variants are possible you can either  take 100% Liquid oxygen out put or 50% Liquid oxygen output directly into cylinders or 50% Liquid oxygen and 50% Liquid nitrogen.

Liquid Oxygen Plants Manufacturing Process

Liquid Oxygen Plants ManufacturersManufacturing process of Liquid Oxygen Plants as follows

  • Compression of Atmospheric Air By Air Compressor
  • Purification of Air By Process Skid
  • Cooling of Air By Expansion Engine
  • Separation Of Liquid Air into Oxygen And Nitrogen By Air Separation Column
  • Compression and withdrawal of liquid and gaseous oxygen for storing in storage tank and cylinder filling